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Official Launch NC Soap Opera

It is here the official launch of NC Soap Opera Company's website and we could not be more proud! If I had the nerve I would film a video of me doing the happy dance. nothing could make me more happy than to provide a platform at which customers do not have to hunt us down to get our products. You see we spend a huge amount of time in the community at festivals, farmers markets, pop up markets and provide to local stores in our community as well as craft privately. So many people want to support NC Soap Opera and yet we often had to disp[lay where we would be and if you could not make it, catch us the next time. So here we are. Setting up our own online store. We will continue to post other products over time  and hope you will get the most enjoyment that you can from our products. We hope you will enjoy following us on this journey. Check us out on Facebook to trvel our soapy journey at   I think we are ready now. NC Soap Opera Company is taking over the world one bubble at a time! ~

Karen Dumers, Owner NC Soap Opera Company

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